High quality Knits

The best possible quality: that’s our maxim.

Knitwear – nothing feels more wonderful than a cosy sweater or a warm jacket. We have long been passionate about knitwear: it’s part of our heritage. Part of our DNA. And for us, quality takes top priority. That’s why our design process starts with the individual yarn. And we only use carefully chosen, high-grade and long-lasting blends made from Italian yarns. Luxury cashmere. Cosy, soft alpaca fleece. Delicate, supple merino. Modern, easy-care cotton. Super soft, super stylish.
Painstaking production to ensure the best possible quality: that’s our maxim. Our long-standing partners definitely have the expertise and experience. We take high-quality yarns and develop styles with the perfect finish and fit. Experiment during our design process, are committed to innovation, create contemporary garments that reflect the latest trends.

Made with love

From the yarn to the finished product, SET stands for world-class knitwear design.

Made by specialists over several complex stages and in compliance with the strictest standards, as well as ethical and environmental guidelines. In partnership with yarn producers that we can trust and who understand our company. Traditional family-run businesses mainly in Italy and in other parts of Europe who specialise in, and are passionate about, knitwear. We are proud of the partnerships we have built with our producers over generations. Each member of staff is one of our own. Relationships are based on friendship, maximum appreciation and mutual respect as a matter of course. We plan and produce collaboratively, go about our work enthusiastically and take time to carry out regular quality checks on site.

We love Cashmere

So delicate, so exquisite, so sensuous: cashmere is sheer indulgence for the skin.

Made from the soft, fluffy undercoat of cashmere goats raised in the remote elevated plains of the Himalayas, cashmere is one of the world’s most expensive, most exclusive and most durable natural fibres. The raw cashmere is collected and then transformed into fibres: the fibres used in our garments are turned into the finest yarn by Italian heritage producers. They are very finely spun and undergo a special wash process, creating our AIR CASHMERE YARNS that are especially light and airy. Our cashmere products offer a uniquely comfortable fit and a flattering drape thanks to 3 dimensional seamless knit technology, a zero-seam technique perfected by our Italian partners. From a cosy casual sweater to an elegant cardigan for evening wear, our Icons can be worn for any occasion.

How to care

The higher the quality of your knitwear, the more care the item will need.

But fear not: you can look after your favourite sweater at home using a few easy steps. Whether merino or cashmere, we recommend handling garments gently and keeping things simple. That way your piece will last longer. It’s a sustainable approach that saves resources and helps protect the environment. 

If you’re short on time, you can usually just air your pullover or jacket overnight. Alternatively, you can hang it up in the bathroom while you have a shower: moisture will banish creases and odours and freshen up the fabric.

As a rule, it is best to wash knitwear on a 30°C hand wash cycle. Use a liquid woollen detergent, turn your garment inside out and place it inside a laundry bag. Be sure to use a short, slow spin cycle and dry flat on top of a towel to absorb the moisture and allow the fibres to return to their original shape. 

Your favourite woollen garments are best kept at room temperature in a wardrobe away from moisture and light. Small sachets of lavender or cedar wood will keep moths at bay. And don’t worry if you spot a few pills forming. They are caused by friction during wear and can be removed using a pilling comb.