Leather is our greatest passion

A material that is firmly rooted in our SET DNA.

Leather is our greatest passion. And a material that is firmly rooted in our SET DNA. That we know inside and out. That embodies our approach to life. Tough, cool, luxurious. And it’s easy to see why. Once you feel it on your skin. Nothing is as smooth and as soft as our leather. Nothing is as straightforward; nothing fits so perfectly. What we really love about leather is that it’s an organic material. What’s more, leather gives us power and self-confidence. It’s also multifaceted. A biker jacket with a floral dress. Jeggings with a long jumper. Like everything in nature, leather also thrives on change: the more you love, care and wear leather, the more each piece will develop its own unique patina and character over time.


From raw material to the finished product: Our leather garments are made by hand in several complex production steps.

Our leather products are created with care. We make sure to deliver the highest quality and to use resource-efficient manufacturing methods. Work in accordance with strict guidelines to keep emissions down and protect the environment. That’s why when it comes to our production, we choose only the best companies and specialists who have years of experience, the necessary expertise and outstanding skill – and who comply with our ethical standards.  

Each of our production partners is certified under BSCI (The Business Social Compliance Initiative). This means they not only offer their staff fair working conditions and a fair wage, they also ensure a healthy workplace. We see our suppliers’ employees the same way we see our crew in Munich: as part of the SET team. Their rights and wellbeing matter to us. It’s something we’re proud of. Just as we are proud to look back on many years of partnership and friendship with some of the world’s most modern and advanced leather producers. A teamwork model, with absolute transparency guaranteed through face-to-face contact with our production partners. And transparency is especially important when it comes to tanning our nappa leather.

Our Tyler: Signature-Piece and Icon

Crafted from beautifully soft and smooth lamb nappa.

A signature piece and an Icon for an urban, edgy and timeless look: our Tyler is crafted from beautifully soft and smooth lamb nappa in a classic ‘Perfecto’ biker style. We adore our Tyler jacket – so much so that we’ve kitted it out with iconic details: a soft, mottled grey jersey lining and a yoke cut along the back to ensure the perfect fit. What makes the Tyler so desirable? It’s especially light, stretchy and semi- fitted – it feels like being wrapped in a second skin that you could wear for a lifetime. Good to know: our Tyler leather jackets are dyed in a large rotating drum, ensuring the dye is distributed evenly and the leather maintains its unmistakable appearance.

Leather ages in beauty!

Our favourite pieces come alive as their natural patina develops and, if they’re well looked after, they will last a lifetime.


Ideally, any water should be immediately dabbed away with absorbent paper. Use a special leather soap or lotion, but test it on a non-visible area first. We’ve found that grease stains usually disappear on their own. Certain beeswaxes are great for regularly treating your leather: they leave it smooth and – unlike soap – won’t cause cracks to form. We recommend waterproofing any leather before wear (except waxed garments).

Drying and Ironing:

Dry at room temperature and, if required, iron gently on the reverse side with a pressing cloth.


Keep in a dry place away from light and dust. We hang our jackets and dresses on curved, padded hangers to avoid creases.


Polish out using a soft cloth or the heel of your hand and a suitable lanolin-based product.