We love fashion. And stand for premium urban design. That is creative, versatile and always up to date.

We design collections for the modern urban woman. She’s feminine today, tough tomorrow. She’s flirtatious, embraces an edgy look. Or sophisticated elegance. Mix & match. Patterns, prints, colours and plenty of timeless looks. Our iconic garments feature every season. Leather jackets, floral-print dresses, cashmere sweaters, fun T-shirts, lace tops. Female traits embodied in timeless classics that enhance any wardrobe. 

Real Fashion

Fashion should be fun, individual, but never look forced.

Unattainable ideals? We believe in reality. That no two days are the same. That women are both powerful and perceptive. They laugh, they cry. Are focused at work and close to their families. Never overwhelmed. But they encounter many changes and contrasts. And huge challenges. These are the lives our women lead. That is why we are passionate about aiming higher and constantly improving. Paying close attention to detail, perfect finishing and the finest quality. Each individual garment tells its own story. Believable, honest, passionate, real fashion – that is SET.

SET Family

A Munich-based fashion house founded in the 1950s. Now a global brand. 

A mixture of tradition and modernity is as much a part of the family’s story as its success. Believing in values, continuously growing, taking steps forward as a team – that is SET. For several years we have been working with producers and partners all over the world whom we can trust. Who believe in our mission. And who have thus become part of the family. Our collections are designed in our bright loft-style office in Munich. Prototypes are made in our in-house atelier. Most of our production takes place in Europe. We are family – we are SET.